Terms of Service Agreement

PLEASE NOTE: Upon signing up for the Audit Protection Plan System and Toolkit (the “Toolkit”), you agree to receive access to the Audit Protection Network (the “Network”) member’s website for an initial period of two months (from initial sign-up) at no extra cost.  Unless you cancel prior to the end of that initial two-month period, thereafter, you will automatically be charged a monthly fee of $99.00 for continued membership in the Network.  In addition to all the benefits derived from being an Audit Protection Network member you’ll also receive annual updates to the Audit Protection Plan System & Toolkit.

PROHIBITED USE:  You and/or your firm are the only ones authorized to use the “Toolkit”.  By signing up for the “Toolkit” you agree not to sell, re-sell or otherwise transfer the Toolkit to anyone else. The Client Brochure, the Client Sales Letter, The Pricing Grid/Matrix, the Client Enrollment Certificate and the Client Disclosure (opt out form) Agreement are strictly prohibited to be sold by anyone other than Roz Marketing Group, Inc.